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VtM, Followers of Set by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Followers of Set by AlexanderNysyos
Nickname: Serpents.

Faction: Indipendent.

Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis.

The mythic-historical origins of the Followers of Set are in ancient Egypt, as they claim to be descended from the dark god Set (who is also identified with Typhon) rather than Caine, the father of all vampires. The Setites see themselves as having a divine mandate to revive their Antediluvian, Set, in order to create an era of "paradise" for vampires and they are willing to work towards this goal in any way possible without drawing attention to themselves. Due to this connection to Set, all Setites see things a little differently than other vampires. Therefore, unlike most vampires in the modern setting, the Setites are associated with neither the Camarilla nor the Sabbat. The Followers of Set are generally found near Cairo, in sub-Saharan Africa, India, and the Caribbean though they travel worldwide in their search for knowledge to help them find and revive Set.
The Setites are known as keepers of secrets, particularly those of a thaumaturgical nature. Indeed, the Followers of Set tend to know anything anyone needs to know or can find it for them - for a price. Many vampires warn each other never to trust a Setite, as Followers of Set do not follow the Path of Humanity like most other vampires. Instead they have their own Path of Enlightenment, known as the Path of Typhon, which exalts, amongst other things, the corruption of others. Many who are snared by the Followers of Set do not realize the danger until it's too late and are either forced to become followers of Set themselves or become dangerously indebted to them. Many Setites also practice a form of Setite Sorcery called Akhu.
According to Setite lore, Set was cast from his family to become a vampire by the sun god Ra for his hand in killing the fertility god Osiris and Ra's hate is what causes the sunlight to burn Set and all his children more than all other Kindred. The Children of Osiris are a clan of humanitarian vampires who are relentlessly opposed to the Followers of Set because of the eternal rivalry between their respective patriarchs. In Gehenna, the final Vampire: The Masquerade sourcebook, it is revealed, that if and when Followers of Set try to perform the Great Ritual at Ombos necessary to open a gate to Duat, the Egyptian realm of dead, so that Set can incarnate himself and live again; it is predestined that Set will instead impose on all Setites a powerful compulsion to join him in the Duat by committing mass suicide. The predominant Judeo-Christian myth established for the world of Vampire made the end of the Setites not only inevitable but the ultimate example of poetic justice.

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