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VtM, Tremere by AlexanderNysyos VtM, Tremere by AlexanderNysyos
Nickname: Warlocks.

Faction: Camarilla.

Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy.

The Tremere backstory is heavily based on Ars Magica, and the original House Tremere appeared as a Hermetic house in that game system. As the World of Darkness progressively diverged from Ars Magica's medieval Europe, certain elements of the backstory become problematic. The background originally has Tremere were originally a group of human mages from House Tremere of the Order of Hermes. When they found their magical life-extending elixirs started failing due to the growing lack of belief in magic, they started looking elsewhere. They captured vampires of the Tzimisce clan and conducted experiments on their bodies and blood, and they found how to become immortal with the help of a fellow patron named the Comte de Saint Germain. They became immortal as promised, however, in exchange, they turned into vampires.
After their transformation, the Tremere were beset with enemies on all sides: the Tzimisce wanted revenge, the Order outlawed them, and their awakened Avatars left them on the transition to death, taking their magic with them. Tremere crafted the art of blood magic, Thaumaturgy, and they defended themselves. Wanting more power for his bloodline, Tremere found the resting place of Saulot, the Antediluvian founder of clan Salubri, and diablerized him, consuming his very essence and gaining his power. Tremere declared his bloodline a full Clan, and started spreading rumours that the Salubri were soul-stealers, and managed to hunt them to near-extinction; it is believed that no more than seven Salubri survive into the Final Nights.
According to the game's background, the Tremere are one of the youngest vampire clans, having just come into existence during the Dark Ages. In the little time since then they made incredible inroads within vampiric society and are arguably the most powerful clan in the modern nights. This was due in no small part to their strict hierarchy, secretive nature, and mastery of Thaumaturgy, the clan's trademark discipline, all of which brought suspicion, fear, and respect from other Cainites. The Warlocks were a pillar of the Camarilla and were one of its main defenders, despite the fact that they existed almost as a subsect. Some even went as far as to consider themselves the evolution of vampirism, citing their extreme versatility of blood magic and lack of a true clan curse.

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